Risk Management
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What is your Network Risk Profile?

Your network is critical to the survival of your enterprise and you are the executive charged with understanding and managing that risk!

We are in new and interesting times - the global 'credit crunch' is driving an insatiable requirement for cost reduction and headcount reductions within your current suppliers and service providers, whilst your own organisation wishes to conserve cash for only essential investments.  Meanwhile bandwidth requirements seem still to be on the increase, and the demand for change in desktop technology continues.

How do you structure a dialogue with your suppliers and service providers to ensure that their actions do not endanger your enterprise, and that they maintain (and improve) on their service levels?   How do you demonstrate to your own management that there is a continuous due diligence in the assessment of risk and the associated mitigation plans to overcome the risks are in place and proven?

The Posse have developed a Network Risk Assessment Tool that will give you a head start.  The lines of logic are clear, the questions simple and when inputs are not self evident then prompts are given to guide you in your assessment. Once the initial input is completed, we provide up to 3 hours of consultation with one of our senior telecom professionals to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the exercise.  They will create the output reports, deal with all your queries, and ensure that you receive a quantified and auditable trail of risks, with clear priorities for mitigation. The tool takes you through each element of your network, teasing out the probability of failure, and identifies specific risks and their criticality to your business.  Finally the tool outputs a Network Risk Profile which displays all the results and orders them by risk and mitigation criteria.

Our experience is that you will find this new approach extremely useful for determining the risks to your network, achieved through an intellectually stimulating and enjoyable process.