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Executive Personal and Team Coaching

Is your business facing a new challenge involving a significant amount of change?  Are you moving into new markets, restructuring your organisation to support a new strategy, or involved with major transactions, contract negotiation or acquisition / merger?

Motivating colleagues and managing change are essential skills.  Successful coaches inspire leaders to achieve the extraordinary, by identifying their goals, turning them into an exciting vision and then communicating effectively in order to motivate and challenge their teams.

Effective coaching will enhance the performance and learning ability of both you and your team - allowing you to increase your creativity, productivity and effectiveness. It is based on helping people to help themselves through interacting dynamically with them - it does not rely on a one-way flow of telling and instructing.

An effective personal coach is just the same as a good sports coach using both experience and technical knowledge of the game together with the coaching process.  A coach challenges you and takes the time to understand what winning in life means to you. In sport it is very easy to create an exciting vision, but in business it is often far more difficult - however the process of turning personal goals into reality is exactly the same.  The coaching process demonstrates how to make a vision exciting and guides you through the delivery towards outstanding results.

Our principal coach, Michael Winslow has a highly successful broad international business background with a record of achievement in the Telecommunications, Healthcare, Construction, Industrial, Finance and Information Technology sectors. He has led teams through exciting and difficult challenges, creating positive environments, encouraging new thinking and allowing the development of elegant solutions to problems. Michael is a certified coach and his principal mission in life is to encourage people, organisations and teams to identify and realise their full potential. He has completed a number of complicated commercial transactions where his negotiation, communication, influencing and coaching skills have delivered significant results for the businesses that he has worked for.

Michael is available to assist and support senior executives and their teams through the challenge of transition or significant change.