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In today's business environment - experience counts for everything

As part of The Posse's commitment to ensuring we deliver the value our customers expect, all of our partners have at least 10 years executive experience and have operated at least at Vice President or Director levels in major industry leading corporations.

We now have over 150 partners available across the UK, Europe and the Far East, example bios of some of them are listed below: 

              Kevin Southworth   Colin Bates   Martin Humphreys   John Breheny  Dave Riches  Iain Sturrock    Pim Versteeg  

             Alan Rainbow   Bob Bottomley    Brian Spooner   Colin Duckworth    Pete Tampin    

             Tim Bishop   Chris Brownlee   Bob Benavidez   Bob Turner    Andy Barnard    John Masterton    Swee-Joo Chin     

          Tony Nightingill   David Holt   Martin Willard   Sibel Tunali 

Kevin Southworth

A Service and Operations executive expert in both general and change management, Kevin has held senior roles in Customer Care and Project Management functions throughout the UK, Europe and the United States.  He has operated at both Regional and Headquarter levels, responsible for the definition and implementation of global service policy within a multi-billion dollar corporation.

A recognised leader within the Telecommunications industry, he has primed a number of Executive Service Forums, attended by the operational leaders of some of the World's largest companies, introduced groundbreaking front end support systems (including leading edge e-commerce environments), planned and implemented the post merger integration of two major service organisations and directed a global service organisation of over 4000 people.

Colin Bates

Colin is a proven builder of many successful teams including the leadership of Nortel Networks European Wireline organisation, managing over twenty pan European projects each valued between $50M - $1B. He combines the proven ability to deliver major enterprises with the financial astuteness gained earlier as a Finance Director in ICL, STC and Nortel.

Colin has worked successfully in North America, and many parts of Europe and has an impressive record of delivering profitable technology businesses at remarkable speed. His customers include many of the most successful start-ups in the history of European telecommunications.   

Martin Humphreys

A proven record as both Finance and Operations director in the telecommunications industry both in the UK and internationally.   Martin is a recognised finance expert whose background includes Budgeting, Business Planning, Cash Flow and Cost Control.   He has also successfully managed the International customer care region within Nortel Networks, covering the Near East, Middle East and African continents.  Achievements include establishing operational support in new territories using Partners and Joint Ventures, building a European Call Centre and implementing a European Network Operations Centre.

Martin has a successful track record for running profitable business organisations, and is particularly strong in the implementation of change management.   

John Breheny

John is an experienced senior executive, who has a proven track record in developing and implementing strategies that deliver key operational results. He has implemented significant UK wide change programmes within a multi-million pound organisation, underpinning financial growth within the business. He has led large teams of people at local, regional and national levels in the support services sector.

John, a recognised leader in his field, has delivered papers at a number of international conferences in both Europe and North America, attended by leading executives in the communications industry. He has worked with Williams and Sprint in North America and with BT and Nortel in the UK as an independent consultant.   

Pim Versteeg

Pim Versteeg is a recognised authority on telecommunications in the Netherlands and in Europe. A keynote speaker at many conferences, he has recently been involved in a number of media related internet start-ups.  He is a former Executive Vice President of Carrier 1 and previously held the positions of Chief Technology Officer and Director, Customer Engineering. He was also an extremely effective Account Director for Nortel Networks, focussing on New Carrier and Enterprise customers.

His early career was in the Dutch Armed Forces, where he was a Lieutenant Colonel responsible for their national SDH and Data network. Pim holds a Bachelors Degree in both Business Administration and Computer Science.

Alan Rainbow

A broad based Senior Executive experienced in Customer Services, Operations, Project Management in the IT and Telecommunications industries. Alan has held Senior Positions in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, operating in line, project and support areas. He has been responsible for defining and executing a number of successful major change projects as well as developing the new technology strategy for a £600m turnover organisation.

A chartered engineer, he has led workforces as large as 6500 and managed a system development house of 60 IT professionals. He has operated in large public companies as well as with venture capital supported start ups . He has strong analytical and presentational skills and a proven record of delivering required objectives.

Bob Bottomley

Bob has over 35 years of UK and international telecommunications experience based upon a career with 3 world-class telecommunications companies.  His experience covers R&D, and R&D Management, as well as all aspects of marketing with particular focus on setting up and managing distributors and licensees.  His years in marketing (first technical and later product), brought him into contact with the major operators and telecommunications companies of Europe.  He has over 10 years of experience of general management at MD level, with responsibility ranging from setting up a multinational business from scratch, to bottom-line responsibility for a number of markets including Italy, Holland, Belgium, Middle East, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus. 

Most recently he has helped a multinational telecommunications company to expand its international wireless business into the Italian mobile sector. His international experience results from having lived in a number of European countries for over 20 years of his career. 

Dave Riches

Dave has 15 years of experience in telecoms covering R&D, pre-sales and delivery.  Previous experience includes a role as a Senior Consultant in a professional services organisation, specialising in business analysis, business process and OSS/BSS architecture design and delivery. His most recent assignment was consulting into a UK Operator, where he was defining their network performance management strategy. A Chartered Engineer, Dave has created and delivered multi-million dollar OSS architectures for many European customers, and has led cross-Atlantic projects for global concerns.

His breadth of experience, strong interpersonal, analytical and problem solving skills combined with his hands-on experience as a Business Performance coach enable him to quickly identify solutions whilst motivating and leading the people around him. Prior to telecoms, Dave was a recognised expert in the field of Human-Computer Interaction with a proven academic track record and has chaired international conferences on the subject.     

Iain Sturrock

Iain has over 20 years experience with major companies in the telecommunications industry, both operators and manufacturers, across diverse locations such as Europe, Middle East and the Caribbean.  He has very broad senior management experience covering direct sales, general management, marketing , operations, supply chain re-engineering and IT.  His excellent business acumen, underpinned by both engineering and financial qualifications, together with strong leadership skills have enabled him to lead diverse, cross functional teams delivering significant value from complex programmes. He also has the capability of both formulating strategy and successfully driving the implementation.

Recent consulting experience includes productisation and accelerating time to market, supply chain optimisation, international sales strategies and management skills reviews.  He is also an occasional conference speaker, and gave the keynote address at ComTech2 in Glasgow, October 2000.     

 Colin Duckworth

Colin is a highly numerate Chartered Management Accountant with a solid foundation in planning & analysis and a technical background.  He is expert at identifying core financial and process issues and has a proven ability to influence strategic solutions to complex business and technical issues.  Experienced in Mergers and Acquisitions, his natural ability to forge strong professional relationships at Board level together with his experience of business modelling allows him to quickly develop programs that produce operational efficiencies.

Colin has worked on strategic business cases for a number of European and UK operators and has influenced and controlled a mobile phone network build project to a successful conclusion. Most recently, he advised a major European operator on Voice and Data convergence. 

Pete Tampin

Peterís experience covers some 36 years in the telecommunications industry and spans roles from Development, Operations and Sales and Marketing in leadership positions up to and including board level. He has held senior positions in established multinational organisations in manufacturing, telecoms operators and recently within consultancy specialising in CRM and other value added applications.  Peterís skills include the ability to understand the business drivers and the needs of any organisation,  and then translate these into opportunity.  He has been used extensively within organisations as a problem solver, able to quickly determine areas of underperformance and deliver the change necessary to resolve the issues. He has also worked closely with both Government departments and major commercial enterprises, and as a board member of a successful UK telecom start-up.

Throughout his career, Peter has lived and worked in a variety of overseas countries including Zambia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and most recently Spain with international experience a far a field as Australia, Pakistan, South Africa and a number of European countries. 

Tim Bishop

Tim is a recognized industry specialist in the field of Operations Support System (OSS) and Business Support System (BSS) solution architectures and business processes, having worked with many of the most successful operators across Europe. He sees OSS/BSS as tools to facilitate not only operational economy but also revenue development and his solutions thus tend to be pragmatic and focussed on the real business needs. This has lead to Tim gaining wide experience of solutions architectures ranging in value from $Ks to $100Ks.

Tim has extensive contacts within the systems supplier, systems integrator and system user communities and is a well-known and respected presenter of 'thought-leadership' papers at International conferences.  His 30 years of industry experience, most recently as Senior Director in a technical, strategic planning business development role, culminated with a leading multi-national telecom supplier where he was a founder of their European network solution design and delivery services.   

Chris Brownlee

An experienced General Manager and Chartered Engineer, Chris has a strong marketing and sales background in global telecommunications.  His broad range of experience in product marketing, sales and customer service for both blue chip and small company environments, led to him successfully establishing several European marketing functions in both Product and Services environments. His background in launching new product into new markets, and his strong customer facing skills are regularly used to the commercial benefit of businesses, both established and start-up.

Previously a Management Consultant with PA Consulting, Chris has extensive contacts throughout the European PR and Marketing communities, as well as the big 5 management consultancies.  

Bob Benavidez

Bob is a senior operations executive with over 20 years experience of creating and managing large multi-site service and delivery organisations for enterprise and telecoms customers.  Throughout his career, Bob developed effective team structures supporting small, medium and large customers around the world, most recently responsible for establishing a full turnkey cellular and wireline service organisation in Iberia for a large multi-national corporation.  In this role, he also negotiated several joint venture and distribution relationships, and formed an extensive network of sub-contracting service providers.

Based in Seville, Spain Ė Bob has senior level contacts with most of the Iberian telecom providers (Telefonica, Telecel, Xfera, Jazztel, etc), as well as many of the global providers such as Sprint, BT, GTE, etc.  He has also worked extensively with the US Federal Government and Department of Defence. 

Brian Spooner

Brian is a senior level professional with over 20 years of international operational experience covering Europe and North America.  Well versed in both leading and participating in multinational teams, Brian has excellent communication, interpersonal and cultural skills that enable him to deliver and exceed any target set.  His proven project and problem solving abilities, coupled with his strong sense of urgency and high energy and enthusiasm make him a valuable member of any team.

Recently accountable for the supply chain operations in a joint venture between two large multinationals based in Germany, Brian provided guidance and direction to a multi-cultural team on business process and alignment, and took a very proactive approach to operational cost reduction, delivering against tough margin and earnings targets. 

Bob Turner

Bob has over 25 years operational and project management experience, establishing and directing large teams  across Africa , the Middle East , and Europe .  He has led projects from initial strategy through to successful operation, and has comprehensive experience of the project life-cycle, including manufacturing, logistics, implementation, integration, network operations and technical support. He has also built and operated Network Operations Centres for technologically complex environments. He has a proven track record of creating effective, and motivated teams through strong leadership skills. 

Andy Barnard

Andy is a commercially driven telecommunications Product Manager with a background as an experienced personal communications systems (PCS) engineer.  He has over 10 years experience in Product Management and Marketing at a senior level within the Telecoms and IT industries.  Andy has managed product lifecycles across a range of products and services from GSM radio infrastructure to Managed PABX and indirect access voice solutions.  He has a 'hands-on' approach to getting the job done - and his natural strengths in developing relationships have allowed him to successfully direct complex consortia and major systems integration houses throughout the development and acquisition of new business.

Andy's most recent activities included sales engineering support to major service providers and developing and delivering customized sales training relating to converged voice and data solutions.  

John Masterton

John is a senior executive and engineer with over 20 years experience of Technology and Telecommunications, and has one of the best personal networks in the industry.  Over his career, he has led both small teams of innovators and large development teams of several hundred engineers with an excellent track record in people development. He has led R&D groups specialising in radio, broadband access and defence systems, established and ran a network consulting and engineering group, and has published several papers and patents.  He is acknowledged by the industry across Europe and North America as an innovative and effective engineer and businessman.

Recently, John led a successful Professional Services business extending his network into many of the national and pan-European wireline and wireless operators.  

Swee-Joo Chin

Swee-Joo is an industry acknowledged network systems engineer.  Throughout his 25 years in the industry on both sides of the Atlantic, he has led both the pre and post sales activities of many of the World's largest networking projects as they took advantage of advancements in IP and optical technologies.  Swee-Joo's strengths are network systems and capacity engineering, protocol design and standardisation (during his time at the ITU and ANSI standards bodies)

His most recent role demonstrated his broad expertise providing technical and commercial input on a number of projects, across all phases of network design through deployment to maintenance.   

Tony Nightingill

Tony has over 20 years experience in the Telecommunications and  IT industries, and has held senior management positions in both IT and Programme Management roles. He has a proven track record in managing and leading teams to deliver multi-million pound, multi-disciplinary projects and has specialist expertise in Operational and Billing Support Systems (OSS/BSS). His most recent assignment involved the design and delivery of a large OSS project for a UK Operator, where his strong interpersonal skills and creative approach to problem solving ensured a strong customer and business focus.

Previously, Tony has held management positions within IT and Network Design, Build and Operations functions. He has also worked in the Vendor environment in various roles including managing a large team of customer project managers/system specialists, and leading a small network management software integration company.  

David Holt

David offers extensive experience in telecommunications, having held many senior positions within the industry that utilize his client oriented technical and sales skills - a unique combination of general management, leadership, communications, extensive understanding of telecommunications technology and securing global business.  A thought leader and speaker at international conferences, David is able to construct and communicate powerful business value propositions.  He has launched new high profile initiatives and rapidly grown several successful businesses. He is positive, competitive and and plays to win in the global marketplace.

David's earlier background included working as the senior engineering director and product manager leading optical, wireless, data and VoIP specialists and sales engineering teams.  As a successful global professional services practice leader for next generation infrastructure solutions, he was responsible for offering a comprehensive range of multi-vendor network services, transforming enterprise and carrier businesses.  Proven at building and controlling product and services businesses with a strong P&L focus and balanced commercial imperatives. 

Martin Willard

Martin is a board level professional with an excellent track record driving large successful IT and Technology organisations with turnovers up to £500 million.  He has proven operational capability with significant experience in the management of change, revitalising existing failing organisations and establishing start-up investments.  He has experience as both company chairman and non-executive director within a major multi-national and a trade association. His roles have demanded networking at the highest levels in Government and Industry (Cabinet Minister and CEO) and in representing organisations in front of the press and investment analyst communities.

A Chartered Engineer, with a background in electronics and computing, he has significant experience in winning and delivering capital projects throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.  More recently he has been applying his strategic planning skills to the analysis of challenging business needs, securing board approval/investment and implementation through to completion.  Martin has strong interpersonal skills both at board and working levels, and has spent many years building strong, happy teams that succeed. 

Sibel Tunali

Sibel is considered one of the telecom industry's top sales directors, working for Nortel, Avaya and Samsung with Tier One service providers such as BT, Virgin Media, Telefonica, Telecom Italia, Deutsche Telecom and mobile operators such as Vodafone, O2 and T-Mobile.  She is an engineer turned sales person, who began her career in Canada working for Nortel Networks, and made her first major deal in Portugal with Vodafone, designing and delivering a 3G network to enable mobile data applications such as MMS, and mobile internet.    She joined Avaya in 2002 as Business Development Director to close deals such as BT, France Telecom and COLT.  In 2006, Sibel signed a major deal with Virgin Media for Samsung as director of their Network Division.

In addition to telecom consultancy, Sibel also works as a non-executive board member for a couple of businesses in the UK and Turkey.