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Individual Assignments and Consultancy

In today's rapidly changing environment, businesses must exploit any new opportunity whilst maintaining the existing business and dealing with the inevitable day-to-day issues.  The fast pace of change, whether due to rapid growth or decline, dictates the need to analyse the situation quickly and act decisively.

Often existing management teams struggle to manage a transition effectively because of their busy workloads, or simply do not get the time to try out a new approach.  Expert help from experienced executives who have often been in similar situations is an effective way to continue to manage the day to day business whilst making the necessary changes. You need an individual who can fit into your team, quickly understand the task involved and offer the right expertise to deliver the results you are looking for.

The Posse has an extensive network of expertise that covers most skills that technology companies are seeking - whether it be general management or particular functional capabilities.  Our unique insight in selecting the right resources, together with our ability to quickly identify and place people in the roles allows us to address your needs without endless interviews.  As we have worked with many of the potential candidates (or their colleagues) in the past - we know that they would not let us down.

Our open book approach ensures that our fees, incorporated into the charge we make for the individual assignment are visible to both the client and to the people we provide.  And if, as often happens at the end of assignments, your relationship with the individual is such that you want to keep them, we will positively encourage them to stay with you, subject to a very reasonable introduction fee.