The Posse Limited
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 A Unique Team Approach Delivers Talent Where It Is Needed 


The Posse is a 150 strong partnership of proven executives with practical knowledge in running technology and telecommunications businesses, and successfully implementing a broad range of large complex projects.  Our partners have been specially chosen as the best people to provide the complete mix of skills and disciplines required to make your enterprise a continuing success.


All of our partners have held influencing roles in major industry leading enterprises and have no less than 10 years of practical experience.  They combine  excellence in their professions with broad cross functional backgrounds tested in demanding operational business environments; have substantial knowledge of potential customers and competing products and a passion to succeed.


We leverage the power of The Posse to deliver talent where it is needed in the following areas:


-  Implementing strategy through Project Teams

        We provide the best team with the skills and experience, process and organisation to immediately deliver results

-  Delivering talent through Executive Search        

        Our partnership provides a uniquely capable search engine through our extensive personal networks providing you with the best proven candidate for the complete range of roles in a technology enterprise

-  Individual Assignments and consultancy

        Either from our partnership or from our extensive network - we quickly identify the right person with the right skill to fill your need

- Executive personal and team Coaching

       We assist and support senior executives and their teams through the challenge of transition or significant change.


Our fees are very competitive because we deliver talent far quicker than our competitors.