Team Structure
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The advantages that this team approach brings to the Customer is the flexible application of talent and experience.


The team structure (1) Locks to the Customer organisation; (2) secures the focused application of experience and best practice; (3) provides access to a network of expertise; (4) offers greater creativity for comprehensive solutions; (5) ensures a speed and immediacy that individuals alone cannot deliver; and (6) fosters enthusiasm and a commitment to success. 

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Senior Partner & Prime  The Senior Partner acts as the single point of responsibility to the customer and the executive leader of the team.  Formulates the scope of work and completion strategy ensuring each individual partner is supported throughout the assignment.

Partner, Customer Advocacy  Prime for the end customer relationship - assessing their needs and requirements against the product or service on offer.  This unique approach allows the team to focus immediately on the needs of the end customer, by bringing their demands within the enterprise rather than the traditional methods of assessing them as an external phenomena.  This partner will likely be a senior sales executive with the proven capability to build effective sales teams and develop distribution networks. 

Partner, Market and Product Assessment  This partner will quickly understand the market that is to be targeted by the enterprise and then determine what discontinuities will lead to improved value proposition and greater competitive advantage.  This partner will be responsible for Product Management, Product Marketing and Product Introduction.

Chief Engineer  This rather old fashioned title refers to the individual on the team who fully understands the technology of the product or solution.  This includes understanding base technologies, the full solution on offer and all the requirements associated to integrate it within the target environment.                                    

Partner, Operational Effectiveness  Expert on Operational, Supply and Logistics functions, ensuring the optimum delivery solution is chosen and effectively implemented.

Partner, Product and Service Delivery  Focused on the Post Sales functions, this partner will provide expert assistance in the development of both front end and back office support systems to deliver a world class and profitable customer care operation.                                                                                                                    

Partner, Plan & Milestone Achievement On large complex assignments, this individual continuously evaluates the scope and schedule, holding regular progress reviews to ensure the team remains focussed and co-ordinated. They will also provide regular reports to the customer detailing the current successes against the agreed milestones and scope of work. The primary objective is to ensure that all stakeholders have a common understanding of the assignment status.

Partner, Venture Assessment   This partner is responsible for the assignment business plan, which is developed during the initial assessment.  The plan will be refined and updated with the agreement of the Customer over the lifecycle of the assignment.