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Value Creation  Great ideas should always win in the end! - but rapid success can leave an entrepreneur with a business out of control.  Posse partners have built businesses, created sales forces, built distribution networks,  established process and procedure, and they know what does and does not work, and how much investment is really required for the task.  In short, we can provide all the expertise required to drive a business through its development phases to predictable and stable growth.

Case Study #1:   Building a National Telco    Case Study #2:  Building A Wireless Delivery Business

Value Enhancement A successful business can always be improved. We can address sales and margin opportunities, introduce cash flow improvement programs, improve service performance or develop and implement expansion plans.  Our experienced teams can take these to successful conclusions, leaving you free to deliver the core competencies of your business. 

Case Study #3:     Post Merger Optimisation

Value Recovery  Whether it is a start-up or an ongoing strategic investment - if the business case no longer holds, or the delivery is behind schedule, we can help.  The last few years have seen tremendous churn in industry and our team partners have all lived through it in previous roles. We have the expertise to bring products profitably to market where previous sales channels have failed; and we can target and implement cost cuts without destroying business capability. We also specialise in bringing projects back on track, avoiding placing good money after bad and if necessary, recovering as much of the initial investment as possible if all else fails.

Case Study #4:     Supporting a Start-up